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Son excluded from hairdresser's vast fortune

We have written before about how important it is for people in Houston and beyond to make their wishes known and to document them before their death. Estate planning not only prevents prolonged legal disputes. It also allows people to rest easy knowing that their loved ones will be the recipients of valuable assets when they die.

Steps can be taken to ensure certain people are included in estate plans. However, estate plans can be created to strictly prohibit certain people from inheriting valuable property and other assets from a person's estate.

It was recently revealed that Vidal Sassoon, the well-known hairstylist and creator of hair care products, specifically excluded his adopted son from his will. By doing so, Sassoon's 41-year-old son will receive nothing from the $150 million estate.

Sassoon died almost a year ago. Sadly, it appears that he never resolved his issues with his adopted son. An autobiography revealed that Sassoon's son was troubled for much of his life. The two even stopped speaking for almost two years at one point.

Sassoon made sure that his son would not receive any of his vast fortune. He specifically stated in his will that his son "shall be deemed to have predeceased me, leaving no surviving issue."

While some might say that this story is tragic, it is an example of what proper estate planning looks like. By making such clear distinctions in his will, Sassoon's wishes will likely be followed.

This story shows how important it is for people with large estates in Houston and beyond to make proper plans. However, everyone should make estate planning a priority.

Source: Christian Post, "Sassoon Disinherits Son: Vidal Sassoon Excludes Son From $150M Fortune After Dispute," Jessica Rodriguez, March 25, 2013

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