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June 2013 Archives

What happens before estate administration in Texas can begin?

The last thing most people in Texas want to think about right after losing a loved one is paperwork. Unfortunately, there will come a time when estate administration will have to commence. However, before that can even happen, there are matters that will require a family's immediate attention.

Guardianship can be key element in administration of estates

Determining guardianships where necessary is often an important role served by probate courts in the handling of an estate. This is especially true in cases where there are large sums of money or numerous assets to administer. Such is the case involving the 9-month old child of Javon Belcher. Relatives from both Texas and New York have petitioned the court for guardianship, and a decision is expected soon.

Estate administration can have far reaching impact in Texas

It's been several years since the headlines in Texas provided heavy coverage of former model Anna Nicole Smith's death and the fate of her estate. Recently, the news broke that Smith's now 6-year-old daughter could soon become an incredibly wealthy little girl. The story behind the breaking news is proof positive of the importance of proper estate administration.

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