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What happens before estate administration in Texas can begin?

The last thing most people in Texas want to think about right after losing a loved one is paperwork. Unfortunately, there will come a time when estate administration will have to commence. However, before that can even happen, there are matters that will require a family's immediate attention.

In a time of grief, it is easy to overlook something as simple as securing a loved one's pet and home. However, it is seemingly mundane details such as these that may require urgent attention. Depending on the circumstances of the death, certain governmental agencies may have to be contacted. A death certificate needs to be obtained as quickly as possible.

Having a numerous copies of the death certificate will allow things such as bank accounts, mortgages, cell phones, utilities and the like to be dealt with as soon as is practical, normally within a few days of death. Once all of the "emergency" issues are handled, it will need to be determined whether the decedent had a will and where it is located. Often, this is found during a search of the family member's papers.

If there is a will, it will need to be filed and an estate administration will need to begin. The executor of the will is required to obtain permission from a Texas court to begin administering the estate. Once all of the interested parties, whether a beneficiary or a creditor, have been notified and dealt with, and then the estate can be closed. Having advice and assistance with this process could help ensure that it goes as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Source: njtoday.net, "What To Do When A Loved One Dies," Jason Alderman, June 17, 2013

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