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July 2013 Archives

Letters of intent for Texas special needs trusts

Not many people avail themselves of one of the most useful tools in estate planning for Texas parents who have special needs children -- the letter of intent. This is a document that can be attached to special needs trusts. They can be used to specify how the money in the trust is to be spent.

James Gandolfini's estate administration is a tax nightmare

Texas fans of "The Sopranos" may have already heard that James Gandolfini died of a heart attack recently. As his family grieves his loss, they also have to deal with what will happen to his estate. Preliminary reports have indicated that the way Gandolfini's will is drafted; the estate administration will be a tax nightmare for his family.

Pet trusts are gaining popularity in Texas

When people in Texas are making out their wills and other estate planning documents, they are sure to make sure that their assets are protected, their children and spouses are cared for and that their family will have to pay as little tax as possible. However, there is something missing from this estate plan that many people are just now beginning to realize -- pet trusts. People value their pets like family members when they are alive, but many of people inadvertently forget to provide for them in the event of incapacitation or death.

The importance of wills in estate planning in Texas

When it comes to estate planning, there are nearly as many options as there are people in Texas. Nevertheless, there is one document that is included in every estate plan -- the will. Wills provide the foundation for an estate plan. This is the document that will govern what happens to an individual's assets, liabilities and even minor children upon death.

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