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March 2014 Archives

Reverse mortgages can mean reversal of fortune for heirs

Alex Trebek is one of the many celebrities to appear in television ads for mortgage lenders. Trebek is not talking about just any mortgage, and he is not talking to just any homeowner. He is talking about a reverse mortgage, and his audience is any person age 62 or older who is feeling a little cash poor.

Months after his death, actor's daughter lives in legal limbo

Paul Walker and the mother of his now 15-year-old daughter were never married. Various news outlets reported that Walker was a devoted father, but only came to that recently. His daughter grew up with her mother, far away from the actor, though news outlets suggested they shared custody. A couple of years ago, though, she left her mother's care and moved in with her father.

Power of attorney docs can be an important part of an estate plan

Sometimes, a medical condition or the effects of old age make it so an elderly individual is no longer able to take care of their own affairs. When this occurs, what will often happen is that one of the individual's family members will take up the managing of the individual's affairs and care.

Dementia complicates both estate planning and administration

Regular readers of this blog know that it's never too early to start making plans for how your assets and property will be divided after you're gone. But death isn't the only event that could prevent you from making the right choices about your estate

Where there's a will, maybe there should be a living trust, p2

After a brief foray into celebrity probate, we are going back to the discussion started in our Feb. 13 post. The topic is living trusts and how they may complement -- or even take the place of -- a will in an estate plan. Remember, this is a general discussion. There may be nuances that exist in Texas but not in another state.

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