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Power of attorney docs can be an important part of an estate plan

Sometimes, a medical condition or the effects of old age make it so an elderly individual is no longer able to take care of their own affairs. When this occurs, what will often happen is that one of the individual's family members will take up the managing of the individual's affairs and care.

Power of attorney form change cannot alter document's importance

A column in the Houston Chronicle reminded us that a new Statutory Power of Attorney form went into effect in Texas at the beginning of 2014. There are a few key differences from the old form, but some things have not changed.

Medical powers of attorney are essential to Texas estate planning

Many Texas residents believe that a will is the extent of a good estate plan. However, a will is typically only useful when a person passes away. There are other documents, such as durable and medical powers of attorney, that can save a family a good deal of frustration should an individual become incapacitated in such a way as to be unable to make important decisions.

Texas power of attorney can be as specific circumstances warrant

There could be a lot of people in Texas who believe that all estate planning documents have to do with a person's death. However, there is one document, among others, that expressly comes into play when a person becomes incapacitated or is somehow unable to make decisions on his or her own. A power of attorney, as it is called, may be as general or specific as a person needs it to be.

Do young adults need a power of attorney?

Many Texas residents consider estate planning a need arises in the late adulthood stage of life. In reality, however, all adults can find value in estate planning, regardless of their age or stage of life. In fact, young adults have specific estate planning needs that many families fail to recognize, and can benefit from a power of attorney and other estate planning tools.

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