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Estate Planning

Houston Estate Planning Lawyers

Protection And Preparation

Estate planning can encompass many things, but it usually boils down to protection and preparation. A thorough estate plan will protect your assets and prepare your family for whatever the future holds.

Our firm can help you develop an estate plan that reflects your wishes and priorities. Contact our Houston estate planning attorneys today to schedule an appointment. We will take the time to listen to you and understand exactly what you want. There is no boilerplate at Frazier & Frazier.

Our Wills And Trusts Attorneys Provide Customized Strategies And Tools

At Frazier & Frazier, we help Texas families plan their estates using customized strategies and a variety of tools. We can help you with:

  • Preparation, review and revision of wills, including simple wills, living wills and pour-over wills
  • Powers of attorney that designate who will handle your affairs and make decisions for you if you become incapacitated
  • Medical directives that specifically address important issues like life support and other medical procedures and interventions that you may or may not want
  • Estate tax and gift tax considerations
  • Business succession planning that will enable you to decide what will happen to your business after you retire or pass away
  • Trusts, including life insurance trusts and marital trusts
  • The establishment of family limited partnerships and other instruments of asset protection
  • Guardianships for family members who are suffering from a physical, developmental or emotional challenge
Every situation is different. At Frazier & Frazier, we believe in developing personalized estate plans that enable our clients to stay true to their values and achieve their goals. To that end, we will listen carefully to you and assist you in preparing an estate plan that you feel good about.

In many cases, we can offer our estate planning services for flat fees. This gives our clients a good sense of what their estate plan will cost them before the work begins.

Texas Asset Protection Attorneys Serving Greater Houston

Our firm’s lawyers can answer your questions about estate planning and help you make sure. Contact Frazier & Frazier to schedule an appointment with a Houston, Texas, wills and trusts lawyer.

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