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The Probate Process

Navigating the Probate Process in Texas With Our Lawyers

Probate is the court-supervised process of proving the will of a person who has passed away (who is referred to as a decedent) and settling his or her estate — his or her assets, debts and responsibilities. Though not all estates are subject to probate, many families need legal guidance when a loved one passes away.

The probate process in Texas is generally less complicated and less expensive than it is in other states, but the help of an experienced probate lawyer can make that process as smooth and easy as possible. That is where we come in. Contact our Houston, Texas, attorneys for help with navigating the probate process.

Houston, Texas, Probate Administration Attorneys Offering Skilled Guidance, Flat Fees And Fewer Worries

At Frazier & Frazier, we provide guidance and representation in all aspects of the probate process. We assist families by:

  • Reviewing wills and other important documents
  • Preparing inventories of assets
  • Working with personal representatives (executors and administrators) and beneficiaries to address their concerns
  • Providing representation in probate court and making sure all paperwork is done correctly
  • Preparing and filing federal estate tax and gift tax returns
  • Handling issues with creditors and making sure final expenses are paid for

In many cases, we provide flat fees for our probate and estate administration services. This can eliminate financial variables that you would rather do without.

Contact Our Estate Assets Transfer Lawyers

Our firm’s Houston, Texas, probate administration lawyers can answer any questions you may have about probate, estate administration and the transfer of estate assets. Contact Frazier & Frazier to schedule an appointment.

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